Started From The Bottom

I am a Kitchener – Waterloo based music producer / engineer / mixer specializing in producing everything from full length albums, singles, radio jingles, mixing home recordings, and audio post production (sound for film.)


Studio Recording Floor

500 sq ft of live floor space – great for drums, guitars, or full band settings. I’ve tracked up to 9 musicians at once in this room alone. A great selection of new and vintage microphones, with 4 custom headphone mixes available this large live room allows me to get some amazing sounds from all instruments.

Hybrid Control Room / Mixing

My control room is set up similar to that of famed mixer Tony Maserati in that I have full recall ability of Protools, yet, I’m able to use any combination of my outboard / analog recording equipment much like a digital plug in. This allows to get the ‘analog sound’ with the benefits of modern editing, but who am I kidding the most important item in this room is the coffee maker.


Isolation Room

My studio has the benefits of three rooms (control room, live room, and isolation room.) This isolation room is great for vocals, acoustic guitars, or writing sessions.

Shots of the Studio and Sessions

Studio Photos

A few behind the scenes photos of sessions as well as equipment, and shots of the various rooms in the studio.

Records I've Engineered / Produced


Latest News

The latest news from Will Muir Recording (producer, engineer, recording studio.) Behind the scenes photos, and tips and tricks for making records sound huge!

Contact Us

Shoot me a text at 519-404-4804 for an immediate reply, otherwise fire me an email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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